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Mental wellness for everyone.


Compassion | Respect | Belonging | Resilience


Forward House nurtures mental wellness through creative programs, relevant education, and dynamic community partnerships.

Forward House:

  • Provides varied and meaningful opportunities to adults in Vancouver Island's District 69 who have mental health challenges and may have concurrent substance use issues. 
  • Enhances social, vocational, and independent life skills through psychosocial rehabilitation practices.
  • Provides community education around mental health and addiction issues in order to promote healthy support systems and community inclusion.
  • Creates partnerships with community stakeholders and liaises with health and education providers to promote mental wellness in Vancouver Island's District 69.
It’s so important to be positive. Negative thoughts darken your soul. We accept each other with our hearts open to understanding and finding the positives in others. We do not engage in pointing, blaming, or judging. We work through things together.
— Forward House Extended Family Member
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Our Story 


In 1982, we established a crisis line for people in Mid-Vancouver Island. What started off as a seed of hope for a few people over 30 years ago has flourished into Forward House - one of Vancouver Island’s best psychosocial rehabilitation programs for people living with mental health challenges.

Today, the Forward House family is vibrant and growing. Our clients range from those who are struggling to survive to individuals who are volunteering, attending university, and working in our community. Our team of staff, volunteers, practicum students and Board of Directors serves more than 75 registered clients as well as many drop-ins. 

The Forward House team is certified with Safe Harbour's award-winning diversity and inclusion education program for the workplace.