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Why To Give

At Forward House, we are as transparent as possible, and we want to make sure you know exactly where your hard-earned dollars are going. The following programs and projects need your help:

Operational Programs

Forward House provides more that 3,000 meals per year at very low cost to clients. The United Way helps supplement this program, but we are finding that we cannot keep up with rising food costs, and we require your support to prevent our clients from having to pay more. Even a small increase in fees would be detrimental to individuals living on disability incomes.

Forward House offers approximately 30 programs each week to build community, promote autonomy, increase confidence, and build skills. In order to maintain this wide variety of programming, we need your support.

Forward House has recently opened a small satellite office in Qualicum Commons to ensure that individuals who cannot easily travel to Parksville can access services and programs. This pilot project will cost at least $8,400 to run until March 31, 2019. In order to continue programming in Qualicum Beach, we need your support.


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Capital Projects

'Moving Forward with Accessibility' - Phase Three- Front Yard Upgrade

Phase One involved creating accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges by creating pathways, a ramp, and French doors at the back of the house that lead directly into our dining area.

Phase Two involved a major bathroom renovation to ensure that all parts of our house are fully accessible.

Phase Three would allow for full accessibility into the front entrance of our house, as well as create a more private, usable space for our clients. This would involve removing existing pathways, stairs, and current front door, along with adding ramps, a fence, and some additional landscaping design.

We hope to raise the funds to complete Phase Three in 2018-2019.

Roof Replacement

Forward House is located in an old house that offers a welcoming and comfortable environment for our guests. However, we have been told that the roof will need to be replaced by 2020, at a cost of approximately $15,000. We need your support!



And here are some additional benefits for you...

If you donate to a Registered Charity such as Forward House, you will receive a charitable tax credit. These reduce the income tax that you pay.

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